We need Don Turner

"He has been a leader in the fight"

This November we have the opportunity to elect a Lieutenant Governor who brings a wealth of experience and perspective to a critically important office.  The person who is elected has to understand the technical duties of presiding over the Senate.  But more importantly, the successful candidate must have the judgment and temperament to assume the role of governor at a moment’s notice. 
Representative Don Turner brings a unique and exceptionally broad range of experience to the office.  He has served as a leading legislator and as the House minority leader, elected to that job by his peers.  But at the same time, in addition to his role as a citizen legislator, he has served his community as Town Manager, fire chief and in the private sector as a realtor and builder.  Don’s leadership both in government and in the private sector demonstrates how he practices what he preaches.  He works hard, delivers results, is economic with his time and covers ground that few others can.  He has been a leader in the fight to make Vermont affordable.  In the Lt. Governor’s office, he’ll continue that battle for all of us.  Please cast your vote for Don Turner for Lt. Governor.
Senator Randy Brock

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