Our Crisis of Affordability

Every Vermonter knows our state is facing a crisis of affordability. From rising taxes and fees to
the cost of health care, education, and housing, many Vermonters are just struggling to get by.
We need a Lieutenant Governor who will focus on the crucial issue of the cost of living in

Don Turner has spent his political career working to reign in taxes and fees. During the Shumlin
Administration, Don was one of the leading voices speaking out against unsustainable rates of
spending and bloated budgets. He’s fought for property tax reform and investments in crucial
areas to bring costs down for working families and small businesses.

In contrast, Lt. Governor David Zuckerman has been insistent on continuing the failed Shumlin
agenda and the unaffordable policies of the Montpelier Majority. He thinks Vermonters can
afford to pay more and more, all while our tax base is contracting. This has to stop.
It’s time to restore fiscal sanity to the Lt. Governor’s Office. Please join me in supporting Don
Turner for Lt. Governor

Rep. Vicki Strong
Albany, VT

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