Turner is a Friend of Farmers and Rural Vermont

All across Vermont, our small towns and villages have found themselves trapped in economic stagnation. A declining workforce, a higher tax burden, and an overall rising cost of living have put our rural communities far behind the more prosperous areas of our state. Our farmers are struggling just to get by, and our mom and pop shops are having trouble keeping the doors open.

We cannot continue to leave behind the small communities that built our state.

Representative Don Turner, candidate for Lieutenant Governor, understands the challenges of our rural areas. He knows that for economic prosperity to be successful, it must be spread to all of our 14 counties. From Berkshire to Brookfield to Bridport, we must come together to grow our rural economy.

Don also understands the challenges of our farmers--how hard we work and how difficult it is for us to make a living. He has called for a comprehensive approach to addressing our water quality challenges that doesn’t “blame the farmers”, but instead recognizes our failing Waste Water Treatment Facilities and the all-too-frequent discharges of sewage into our waterways. I ask my fellow rural Vermonters and farmers to join me in supporting Don Turner for Lieutenant Governor--to save rural Vermont.


Jacob Cubby

Bourdeau of Sheldon, VT

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