To All State of Vermont Firefighters

As a life-long resident of Milton, Vermont, and a 55 year member of the Milton Fire Department, I am requesting your support of Donald Turner, Jr. as Lieutenant Governor of Vermont in our upcoming November election. I had the privilege of being on the interview committee in 1983 when we signed Don on as a new member of our volunteer department. We recognized him as a young man eager to work hard to serve his community and fellow firefighters on the Department.


He soon proved that he was a contributing member when selected by his peers as Milton Firefighter of the Year in 1987, 1997, and 2001. In 1990 he was chosen Chittenden County Firefighter of the Year and in 2003 while serving as our Assistant Chief he received the State Fire Chief of the Year award at the annual State Convention. These honors were bestowed upon him as people recognized his strength of character and dedication to getting the job done. For the past 14 years he did an outstanding job serving our Department as our fire chief.

As a dedicated family man and one who has served our community in various capacities, I know that Don will work hard advocating for programs that will recruit and retain members on the volunteer fire departments throughout the state as he knows through experience how beneficial you are to the safety and protection for the members of the communities you serve.


Robert E. Lombard
Milton Fire Department

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