Supporting Don Turner

Readers should understand that it was House Minority Leader Don Turner who held the
fractious GOP House Caucus together well enough in 2016-18 to sustain every one of Phil Scott
14 vetoes. Those vetoes prevented the worst Progressive bills from becoming law and further
damaging the limping Vermont economy.

Scott vetoed property tax increases, fee increases, a job-killing $15 minimum wage, job killing mandatory paid family leave, and an over-the-top ban on certain chemicals. Count your blessings that the GOP House made those vetoes stick. In fact, that unity held together under Turner’s very gentle leadership so well that Scott’s opposition to a carbon tax was never even put to the test. Progressives knew the 53 GOP House members would sustain a veto of such a bad idea and it didn’t come to a vote. That’s
what a two-party system does: it keeps really bad ideas in check.


This November, voters of every persuasion should cherish that barely sufficient GOP minority of
53 Representatives in the House and make absolutely certain that there are at least that many
Republican House members in 2019-20. Even if you’re a Democrat, remember your civics and
value the two-party system.


That two-party concept requires a guy like Don Turner as Lt. Governor to herd the legislature’s
minority cats skillfully enough to maintain a political balance in Vermont, especially if there are
barely enough cats to make it work. He’s the Milton town Manager, so he’s dealing in practical
ways with local elected leaders on the property tax, education issues, employee pensions—all
the hot issues at the state level are right in his face close to home every day. He’s not going to
go off the deep end like our current Progressive Lt. Governor, who needs to be replaced before
he runs for governor and really does some damage.

Representative Bob Frenier
Chelsea, VT

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