Support Don for Lt. Governor

“Support Don Turner for Lt. Governor”

Many Vermonters are struggling to get by - affordable housing, high college tuition and child
care costs, and historically high taxes and fees have strained Vermont family budgets. And even
though we’ve experienced an uptick in the economy nationally—and in parts of our state—there
are many who haven’t experienced this resurgent prosperity firsthand. We need real economic
growth in all four corners of our state, especially the Northeast Kingdom.

During my time in the Legislature, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Representative Don
Turner on a number of issues. Don understands the need for a strong economy, and that we
require common-sense spending coupled with real tax relief to achieve it. Throughout his entire
career, Don has been focused on fighting for the economic growth and common-sense policies
to achieve a stronger economy. In many cases, he’s been the lead voice for fiscal and economic
sanity under the Golden Dome. Now, Don wants to take his efforts to the Lieutenant Governor’s

We need a renewed focus on our economy in the Legislature. I hope all Vermonters will join me
in voting for Don Turner for Lt. Governor.

Representative Scott Beck
(R-St. Johnsbury)

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