I’ll be voting for Don Turner

Dear Editor,

In my many years spent in service of Winooski in the Vermont State Legislature, I met many great leaders from all sides of the aisle.  What makes a great leader in the legislature is the ability to work with others, put your own beliefs aside, and do what is best for your constituents and for the state of Vermont.  One such leader who I have grown to respect very much is Don Turner, and that is why I am supporting his run for Lieutenant Governor.

Don has given his life to service of his community, serving as a volunteer firefighter from a young age, eventually becoming Milton Fire and Rescue Chief, Forest Warden, Town Manager, and Representative.  Don didn’t get into politics as a way to rise up and keep running for something higher - Don got involved because Milton had a job that needed to be filled. I believe Vermont deserves that level of public service out of their Lieutenant Governor.

It isn’t hard to find reasons to support Don, even though he served as a member of the opposing party.  After a vote, whether we had voted the same way or not, Don always came over and shook my hand and had a joke to tell.  And I found that we agreed much more than we disagreed on most issues. One such issue is the need to encourage educations in the trades at an earlier age, so students can come out of school with the skills necessary to join the workforce.


That is why I’ll be voting for Don Turner this November and hope you will consider it also.

Clem Bissonnette

Former Representative, Winooski

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