Happy Birthday Don Turner!

Dear friends,

When Don Turner announced last month that he was running for Lieutenant Governor I could easily envision him winning that race. His experience, common sense and ability to bring people together is what I want to see more of in Montpelier. I signed on as his Treasurer, willing to help in any way I could, grateful that he was willing to continue to serve.

Don Turner

As many of you know, serving Vermonters is natural for Don and he’s been doing it for years as a first responder and firefighter in his hometown of Milton and later as a State Representative and Minority Leader.

So today is Don’s 54th Birthday - Happy Birthday Don! Our friend and colleague Corey Parent had a brilliant idea - he gifted $54 to Don’s campaign in celebration of his birthday and is challenging others to do the same. I took the challenge because I want Don to know how much we appreciate that he is willing to run this race and give us Vermonters a choice. Will you join us?



Yes! Happy Birthday Don! (click here to donate)



Thank you - Dawn Terrill, Campaign Treasurer



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