Don Will Focus on Affordability

For the last two years, legislative Republicans have worked with Governor Scott to stop the
previous norm of tax and fee hikes in Montpelier. Finally, we have started to curb rising costs of
living for Vermonters. But there’s still many in the Legislative Majority who would like to continue
raising taxes and fees, like the carbon tax. Vermonters simply cannot afford for Montpelier to
stick them with more and more bills they can’t pay.

This year, we have an opportunity to elect Rep. Don Turner as our next Lieutenant Governor.
Don will be a sound and reasoned voice--as he has been--for laser-focusing on the key issue of
affordability. He has fought for years against out of control spending and bloated budgets that
cost Vermonters more and more. And now, we have a chance to reintroduce fiscal responsibility
and an emphasis on affordability in the Lt. Governor’s Office.

With mounting pension liabilities, a demographics crisis, and essentials like housing, education
and health care out of reach, we need to get Vermont back on a track to prosperity. I ask you to
join me in voting for a renewed focus on affordability by casting your ballots for Don Turner for
Lt. Governor

Senator Brian Collamore
Rutland, VT

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