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Adam Alpert - Owner/CEO of BioTek
“Let’s make Vermont a shining example of how when unity triumph’s over division, there are better outcomes for all”


Laura Caputo - Mother, Volunteer, and National Guardsman
“I no longer want to feel alone in this process. I want to feel good about the decision to raise my family here. I want to stay here, and I’m confident that Don Turner will keep my concerns and my thoughts in the forefront.”


Dawn Terrill - Owner of Janitech Services
“Don has the experience, he is a thoughtful guy, he is a collaborator, he is able to bring people together. We’ve had some tough issues running through the State House the last couple of years, and he continues to bring people together.”


Darren Adams - Chair, Milton Select Board
“[Don] has been working. Working on listening to your needs, working on delivering your message with a strong voice, working on getting what you need done. Now he’s going to go to work even harder than ever before.”


Greg Tatro - Owner, GW Tatro Construction
“It is on our shoulder to make sure our children and grandchildren and our parents and grandparents have the opportunity to work, live, and retire in this state that we love so much. Mr. Turner, I stand with you.”


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Sean Tatro Larry&Son Heating Service Llc
William Lawrence

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  • Sean Tatro
    Larry&Son Heating Service Llc endorsed 2018-11-02 20:53:13 -0400
    As a 22 year resident of Milton and owner of a small business . I believe Don gives us our best chance for a better vermont . I also believe with Don as our Lt governor he will have the backs of small businesses in Vermont
  • William Lawrence
    endorsed 2018-09-23 13:10:14 -0400
    We are at a cross roads in Vermont, and each of us needs to make a choice for the future of Vermont. Don Turner is my choice. Don Turner is a proven leader, whether it was as Fire Chief for the Town of Milton for 14 years, or Public Service as a member of the Legislature for 13 years, and serving as House Minority Leader for 7 years. Today, Don is the current Town Manager for Milton. Don understands how important it is to make Vermont afford just not for today, but future generations. He truly gets it about rising taxes, falling wages, and increased regulations that are strangling businesses and families …struggling to make it. I urge Republicans and Independents to support Don Turner for LT. Governor.