Don Turner Will Focus on Affordability

“Don Turner Will Focus on Affordability”

Dear Editor, 
I have worked personally with Rep. Don Turner for the last eight years as he has been the Minority Leader in the House of Representatives, and I have seen him work hard for his constituents, and for the people of the state of Vermont. He is not afraid to stand up against raising our cost of living, and he has fought hard for a more balanced and common sense approach to legislation. Don is a person of great integrity, is highly trustworthy, and is respectful of all those he works with. He has tirelessly sought to make the needs of hardworking Vermonters his priority.


 I have seen first hand that he is a genuinely qualified leader, and I know that he would make an excellent Lieutenant Governor for Vermont. Please consider voting for Don Turner on Election Day, November 6th, and cast a vote to help make Vermont more affordable for us all.


Rep. Vicki Strong,  Albany 

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