A Bridge Builder

I’ve had the privilege of representing the residents of Barre Town in the Vermont House of Representatives over the last four years. During my time in Montpelier, I’ve been fortunate to work with some incredibly talented public servants.

Throughout the many years I’ve worked with Representative Don Turner, I’ve known him to be a strong collaborator. His service during three different administrations--as well as his tenure as House Minority Leader--has shaped his reputation as a bridge builder across party lines.

Don’s vast experience on the issues has prepared him well to be our state’s next Lieutenant Governor. From working to expand economic growth to all 14 counties to addressing our affordability challenges, Don has a consistent record of supporting common-sense policies. His leadership has united Republicans, Democrats, Independents and Progressives on key issues.

Right now, we’re missing this collaborative spirit in the Lieutenant Governor’s Office. But we can get it back. I ask you to join me in supporting Don Turner for Lieutenant Governor.


Representative Rob LaClair

Barre Town, VT

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