We need a Collaborator

We need a collaborator in the Lieutenant governor’s office To the editor, One of the important functions of the lieutenant governor is to bring people together and to facilitate balance and collaboration on important issues. The lieutenant governor can break down barriers to inaction and get important things done for Vermonters.  Unfortunately, over the last two years, that has not been accomplished. Instead, the position has been used simply as yet another voice for the overwhelming Montpelier Majority to promote their legislative agenda of higher taxes and unsustainable policies. There simply hasn’t been the balance in the lieutenant governor’s office that there used to be. But we have an opportunity to change that. Representative Don Turner has served in the legislative minority his entire career and has worked with three different governor’s, three different speakers, and three different president pro tems. As minority leader, he has had to build bridges and unify people of otherwise different backgrounds. Don is a true listener — respecting every viewpoint and focusing on achieving balance to get things done for Vermonters. As Milton town manager and as a first responder, Don knows the meaning of true public service and always puts his constituents first. I ask you to join me in restoring balance to the lieutenant governor’s office by voting for Don Turner.  Senator Peg Flory Rutland, Vt     Continue reading

A Teacher’s Perspective on November

Dear Editor, Vermonters will have an important choice at the polls in November for Lieutenant Governor. Over the last two years, Lt. Governor David Zuckerman has mainly focused on helping the Montpelier Majority pursue an unsustainable agenda that seeks to raise taxes and add to Vermonters’ cost of living. I listened carefully when Lt. Gov. Zuckerman addressed our student body last year; I urge your readers now to consider the candidacy of Don Turner. We need a Lieutenant Governor that recognizes our fiscal challenges, who will focus on affordability, and who knows how to achieve balance and collaboration.Rep. Don Turner is that leader. Continue reading

A Bridge Builder

I’ve had the privilege of representing the residents of Barre Town in the Vermont House of Representatives over the last four years. During my time in Montpelier, I’ve been fortunate to work with some incredibly talented public servants. Throughout the many years I’ve worked with Representative Don Turner, I’ve known him to be a strong collaborator. His service during three different administrations--as well as his tenure as House Minority Leader--has shaped his reputation as a bridge builder across party lines. Continue reading

Turner Schedule September 11th through 17th

Milton, VT - Today, State Representative and candidate for Lieutenant Governor Don Turner announced his public schedule for Tuesday, September 11th through Monday, September 17th. Don will be meeting with Vermonters to discuss important issues facing our state, including his strong record of balance and collaboration. For more information on Don’s candidacy, please visit www.donturnerjr.org. Continue reading

Turner Brings Experience to the Table

Throughout my 17 years representing the people of Essex in the Vermont House of Representatives, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Representative Don Turner on many issues. Don has been a leading champion for economic expansion, fiscal responsibility, and pro-growth policies in our state. Over the years, I’ve been impressed with Don’s ability to unite people of different viewpoints. Don brings a wealth of experience to the important issues Vermonters are facing. As a legislator, House Minority Leader, Milton Town Manager, first responder, and fourth-generation Vermonter, he is able to see things from many different perspectives to foster collaboration. Continue reading

Don is a True Public Servant

During my 16 years in the Legislature, I’ve run into politicians of all stripes. But I’ve only happened across a handful of true public servants--those dedicated to putting their constituents above all else. Don Turner is one of those rare public servants. From the House of Representatives to the Milton Fire and Rescue Department to Milton Town Manager, Don lives and breathes public service. And while the current Lieutenant Governor has certainly been in Montpelier for a very long time, Don’s record of experience brings the viewpoint of not only lawmaker, but a first responder too. That’s why (much like a first responder) whenever an issue comes before him; Don never asks “what’s in it for me?” but rather “how can I help?” Continue reading

Turner Has a Strong Record of Service

During my time in the House of Representatives, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some great colleagues. Perhaps highest among them is Representative Don Turner. Continue reading

Turner Schedule September 4th through 11th

Lt. Governor Candidate Don Turner’s Public Appearance Schedule for September 4th through 11th Milton, VT - Today, State Representative and candidate for Lieutenant Governor Don Turner announced his public schedule for Tuesday, September 4th through Monday, September 10th. Don will be meeting with Vermonters to discuss important issues facing our state, as well as his record of service as a legislator, Town Manager, and first responder. Continue reading

Happy Birthday Don Turner!

Dear friends, When Don Turner announced last month that he was running for Lieutenant Governor I could easily envision him winning that race. His experience, common sense and ability to bring people together is what I want to see more of in Montpelier. I signed on as his Treasurer, willing to help in any way I could, grateful that he was willing to continue to serve. As many of you know, serving Vermonters is natural for Don and he’s been doing it for years as a first responder and firefighter in his hometown of Milton and later as a State Representative and Minority Leader. Continue reading

House minority leader to run for lieutenant governor

House Minority Leader Don Turner had planned to leave his seat in the Legislature this year. Now, he’s eyeing a return to Montpelier only this time in a new office. Turner, a Milton Republican, confirmed Wednesday afternoon that he will run for lieutenant governor. “With the big divide going on in the state, you know, within our party and with the governor I felt it was important to step up,” Turner said. At a time when legislative leadership and the governor’s office are on opposite sides of the aisle, Turner said he sees potential for the lieutenant governor to be a bridge between the two. “I wanted to bring balance to the Statehouse and I think that the lieutenant governor’s role can do that,” he said. Continue reading