Don Turner's Public Appearance Schedule October 9th - 15th

Lt. Governor Candidate Don Turner’s Public Appearance Schedule for October 9th through October 15th Milton, VT - Today, State Representative and candidate for Lieutenant Governor Don Turner announced his public schedule for Tuesday, October 9th through Monday, October 15th. Don will be meeting with Vermonters to discuss his strong record of improving public safety as both a legislator and Milton Town Manager.For more information on Don’s candidacy, please visit, October 9thNo public events scheduled at this timeWednesday, October 10th12:00pm - 1:00pmVPR/VPT DebateVermont Public Radio Station5:30pm - 6:00pmEssex Sign WaveMcGillicuddy’s, Five Corners, Essex, VT6:00pm - 8:00pmEssex Meet and GreetMcGillicuddy’s, Five Corners, Essex, VTThursday, October 11th7:30pm - 9:00pmSouth Burlington Fire Department AwardsTrader Dukes, South Burlington, VTFriday, October 12th4:30pm - 5:00pmInterview with Caledonian RecordSt. Johnsbury, VT5:00pm - 5:45pmSt. Johnsbury Sign WaveSt. Johnsbury, VT6:00pm - 9:00pmCaledonia County GOP DinnerElks Club, St. Johnsbury, VTSaturday, October 13th1:00pm – 3:00pmColchester Meet and GreetMcGillicuddy’s, Colchester, VT5:30pm – 8:00pmChicken Pie DinnerUnited Church of Chelsea, Chelsea, VTSunday, October 14th10:30am – 12:30pmCharlotte Tractor ParadeCharlotte, VT1:00pm – 3:00pmFairfax Meet and GreetFairfax Community Center, Fairfax, VTMonday, October 15thNo public events scheduled at this time

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Our Crisis of Affordability

Every Vermonter knows our state is facing a crisis of affordability. From rising taxes and fees tothe cost of health care, education, and housing, many Vermonters are just struggling to get by.We need a Lieutenant Governor who will focus on the crucial issue of the cost of living inVermont. Continue reading

Don Will Focus on Affordability

For the last two years, legislative Republicans have worked with Governor Scott to stop theprevious norm of tax and fee hikes in Montpelier. Finally, we have started to curb rising costs ofliving for Vermonters. But there’s still many in the Legislative Majority who would like to continueraising taxes and fees, like the carbon tax. Vermonters simply cannot afford for Montpelier tostick them with more and more bills they can’t pay. Continue reading

Governor Douglas Endorses Turner

To the editor, As a former state representative, secretary of state, state treasurer and governor, I’ve worked with many elected officials in Vermont. High among them is Representative Don Turner-a true public servant by any standard. I first met Don when I was filling a vacancy for state representative from Milton. I remember interviewing him for the position, and I was incredibly impressed with his deep dedication to his community — including serving as a volunteer firefighter for his entire adult life. I knew right away that I’d met a dedicated, practical and common-sense leader with a bright future ahead. Continue reading

Turner: On Call for Vermont

This op-ed is by Representative Don Turner, candidate for Lieutenant Governor When we see a problem, we’re faced with two options: Run toward it, or run away. As a first responder, I know that it takes courage and confidence to run toward the fire. And I’m ready to face Vermont’s challenges head-on. My name is Don Turner, and it would be my honor to serve you as your next Lieutenant Governor. I don’t answer this call as someone untried or unpracticed -- I answer the call knowing full well the responsibility required, and with a promise to answer your call, regardless of what party you belong to, how much money you make, or what you believe in. Continue reading

We are very fortunate

Don Turner will be an outstanding Lieutenant Governor. We are very fortunate to have a personof Don’s caliber willing to serve the people of Vermont. Over the last four years, I have gotten to know Don very well as we both served in the Vermontlegislature. Don is a consensus builder and a natural leader. He is an effective communicator aswell as a good listener. He is a man of unquestionable integrity. Don has incredible energy. In addition to serving in the legislature he owns a real estate businessand has been a member of the Milton Fire Department for 34 years. Since 2004, he has served asthe Chief of Milton’s Fire and Rescue Departments. Earlier this year, he stepped down as Chiefto become Milton’s Town Manager. In the four years I have served with him, Don demonstratedthe ability to multi-task. The two most important issues to Don are 1) making Vermont affordable and 2) growing oureconomy. He understands that we need to reduce property taxes, which impacts both renters andhome owners. He is an advocate for building more affordable housing. If taxes are not reducedand affordable housing is not available, it is going to be a challenge to attract young adults tomove here. Don also knows that unless we grow our economy, we are not going to generatesuffient tax revenues to fund existing programs for the less fortunate, much less, institute newones. Please join me in voting for Don Turner as Lieutenant Governor. He assuredly will contribute tothe well-being of all Vermonters Bob BancroftState Rep. Chittenden 8-3

Supporting Don Turner

Readers should understand that it was House Minority Leader Don Turner who held thefractious GOP House Caucus together well enough in 2016-18 to sustain every one of Phil Scott14 vetoes. Those vetoes prevented the worst Progressive bills from becoming law and furtherdamaging the limping Vermont economy. Scott vetoed property tax increases, fee increases, a job-killing $15 minimum wage, job killing mandatory paid family leave, and an over-the-top ban on certain chemicals. Count your blessings that the GOP House made those vetoes stick. In fact, that unity held together under Turner’s very gentle leadership so well that Scott’s opposition to a carbon tax was never even put to the test. Progressives knew the 53 GOP House members would sustain a veto of such a bad idea and it didn’t come to a vote. That’swhat a two-party system does: it keeps really bad ideas in check.   Continue reading

Don Turner Will Focus on Affordability

“Don Turner Will Focus on Affordability” Dear Editor, I have worked personally with Rep. Don Turner for the last eight years as he has been the Minority Leader in the House of Representatives, and I have seen him work hard for his constituents, and for the people of the state of Vermont. He is not afraid to stand up against raising our cost of living, and he has fought hard for a more balanced and common sense approach to legislation. Don is a person of great integrity, is highly trustworthy, and is respectful of all those he works with. He has tirelessly sought to make the needs of hardworking Vermonters his priority.  I have seen first hand that he is a genuinely qualified leader, and I know that he would make an excellent Lieutenant Governor for Vermont. Please consider voting for Don Turner on Election Day, November 6th, and cast a vote to help make Vermont more affordable for us all.  Respectfully, Rep. Vicki Strong,  Albany 

Support Don for Lt. Governor

“Support Don Turner for Lt. Governor” Many Vermonters are struggling to get by - affordable housing, high college tuition and childcare costs, and historically high taxes and fees have strained Vermont family budgets. And eventhough we’ve experienced an uptick in the economy nationally—and in parts of our state—thereare many who haven’t experienced this resurgent prosperity firsthand. We need real economicgrowth in all four corners of our state, especially the Northeast Kingdom. During my time in the Legislature, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Representative DonTurner on a number of issues. Don understands the need for a strong economy, and that werequire common-sense spending coupled with real tax relief to achieve it. Throughout his entirecareer, Don has been focused on fighting for the economic growth and common-sense policiesto achieve a stronger economy. In many cases, he’s been the lead voice for fiscal and economicsanity under the Golden Dome. Now, Don wants to take his efforts to the Lieutenant Governor’sOffice. We need a renewed focus on our economy in the Legislature. I hope all Vermonters will join mein voting for Don Turner for Lt. Governor. Representative Scott Beck(R-St. Johnsbury)