A More Affordable Vermont

Vermonters are yearning for tax relief and fiscal responsibility from Montpelier. As public servants, we owe it to them to answer their calls. As your next Lieutenant Governor, I will laser focus on affordability and the economy by restoring collaboration and balance under the Golden Dome. - Don Turner

Don Responds to Moody's Downgrade: Calls on Zuckerman to Withdraw Support of Divestment

Lt. Governor Candidate Don Turner Responds to Moody’s Downgrade; Calls on Lt. Governor Zuckerman to Withdraw Support for Divestment Milton, VT--Today, candidate for Lieutenant Governor Don Turner issued the following statement in response to Vermont’s bond rating downgrade issued by Moody’s Investor Service: “Vermont has enjoyed a longstanding triple A rating from Moody’s, thanks in large part to our strong financial management at the state level. However, it is clear that our demographic crisis and increases in our unfunded liabilities have led to severe budgetary and financial challenges. “Over the last decade, the Legislature has committed to fully funding our annual contributions to the pension fund. The ballooning payment schedule led to an investment of around $100 million in the FY19 budget to pay down liabilities, which I fully support. “However, this downgrade clearly illustrates that we cannot afford to take any risks with our unfunded liabilities. We owe it to our taxpayers, state employees, teachers, and retirees to get this right. Continue reading

Turner Supports Small Businesses

As a small business owner in Vermont, I’ve witnessed first-hand many of our state’s challenges.Finding qualified workers, navigating a complex permitting system, and remaining competitivewith a neighboring state--that doesn’t even have a sales tax--are a fact of life for me. But I havean obligation to my employees to ensure their wages are paid, and an obligation to mycustomers to offer quality products. But with a lack of support in Montpelier--with the exceptionof Governor Scott--it’s a challenge to keep the wheels turning. Continue reading

To All State of Vermont Firefighters

As a life-long resident of Milton, Vermont, and a 55 year member of the Milton Fire Department, I am requesting your support of Donald Turner, Jr. as Lieutenant Governor of Vermont in our upcoming November election. I had the privilege of being on the interview committee in 1983 when we signed Don on as a new member of our volunteer department. We recognized him as a young man eager to work hard to serve his community and fellow firefighters on the Department.   Continue reading

Lt. Governor Candidate Don Turner’s Proposals to Reform the Lieutenant Governor’s Office

Milton, VT - Today, State Representative and candidate for Lieutenant Governor Don Turner issued the following statement: “Throughout my entire political career, I’ve strived to work across the aisle and listen to all perspectives. As Minority Leader, I’ve had to unify a caucus with diverse opinions, and work with the Majority to get things done for Vermonters. In this increasingly partisan era, I’m running for Lieutenant Governor to restore this focus on collaboration and partnership.   "As Lieutenant Governor, I will continue to build on the relationships with my colleagues in the State House, as well as the many Vermonters I've met while traveling across our state. Hardworking Vermonters have a story to tell, and it's been an informative experience to learn from them. Continue reading

Former Lt. Governor Supports Don Turner

The office of Lieutenant Governor provides an opportunity to build bridges and close partisan divides.  Don Turner has demonstrated in the legislature that he treats all people fairly and with respect. Don Turner will make a great Lt Governor for the people of Vermont. Don Turner has the skills, experience and temperament to make an outstanding Lt Governor. Continue reading

Lt. Governor Candidate Don Turner's Public Appearance Schedule October 16th - 22nd

Lt. Governor Candidate Don Turner’s Public Appearance Schedule for October 16th through October 22nd Milton, VT - Today, State Representative and candidate for Lieutenant Governor Don Turner announced his public schedule for Tuesday, October 16th through Monday, October 22nd. Don will be meeting with Vermonters to discuss his strong record of collaboration and building bridges in the Legislature.For more information on Don’s candidacy, please visit www.donturnerjr.org.Tuesday, October 16th6:30am - 7:30amRichmond Sign WavePark and Ride, Richmond, VTWednesday, October 17th7:00am - 7:25amCharlie and Ernie Radio Show8:15am - 8:45 amBristol Coffee Club with Rep. Fred BaserBristol, VT11:15am - 11:30amSpringfield Meet and GreetSpringfield Senior Solutions, Springfield, VT7:00pm - 8:30pmBrattleboro Meet and GreetGreen Mountain Chapel, 480 Western Avenue, Brattleboro, VT Continue reading

Turner Supports the VT National Guard

There is an unforgettable photo of F16’s from the Vermont Air National Guard over New York City in the hours after the attacks of September 11 th . A source of great pride for our Green Mountain Boys forever ensconced in a time of national tragedy. On that day our Nation was under attack and the threat was unknown. But the brave men and women of the 158th Fighter Wing did not hesitate for a milli-second to put in place all that they had trained and prepared for. And in those days after the Twin Towers fell,when the skies were void of airline traffic, the only sound we did hear were the F16’s coming and going from their patrols over the east coast. It was a sound that made us feel safe, a sound that confirmed for us we were being protected, it is the sound of our freedom. Continue reading

Turner Supports Our Servicemen and Women

I’m writing to ask you to join me in supporting Don Turner for Lieutenant Governor of Vermont. During his time in the Legislature, Don has been a consistent supporter of the National Guard our mission, and all service members. He supported the successful effort this past legislative session to provide tuition-free college to Vermont National Guard members who attend Vermont state schools. This will help our National Guard members achieve their educational goals. It will also be an important recruitment and retention tool for the Vermont National Guard. I expect more community “win-wins” from Don Turner as Lt. Governor. Continue reading

I’ll be voting for Don Turner

Dear Editor, In my many years spent in service of Winooski in the Vermont State Legislature, I met many great leaders from all sides of the aisle.  What makes a great leader in the legislature is the ability to work with others, put your own beliefs aside, and do what is best for your constituents and for the state of Vermont.  One such leader who I have grown to respect very much is Don Turner, and that is why I am supporting his run for Lieutenant Governor. Continue reading